Yoga for IT Professionals


IT/Computer Software related jobs are highly demanding intellectually, but require almost no physical activity. Our body is not designed to sit all day. Maybe that’s why 52% of IT professionals suffer from neck pain, back pain, spondylitis, diabetes and a host of other modern-day health issues.

This 12-week  program is specifically designed to help IT professionals to lead a healthy and less stressful life using the ancient yogic techniques. 

Key Focuses

  • Neck Pain 
  • Back pain
  • Eye Problems 
  • Hand / Wrist problem
  • Tension / Stress Management 
  • Focus 
  • Emotional Intelligence


Locations:  North Brunswick, Edison

Timing: Sunday 10.30-12.00 PM (Edison)

           Sunday 3:00 - 4.30 PM (North Brunswick)

Number of Sessions: 12 (90 min sessions)

Donation: $160