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Who We are

  • We are a group of professionals who have the same major challenges of life as anybody else. 
  • All our programs are based on the real challenges and problems faced by people of the 21st century.
  • We are logical and scientifically minded, and the sessions we provide are rooted in a scientific approach. We don’t knowingly preach or support any superstitious beliefs.
  • Our language is not religious, contemplative or mystical but that of a common person. 
  • We believe in universal tolerance, and we accept all religions/ traditions as true. Our approach is the assimilation of all and not the exclusivity of one.
  • Our programs and services are open to people of any background irrespective of nationality, religion, and professional background.
  • Our approach is to use the ancient wisdom for modern problems in a scientific, intellectually honest, manner. 


Who we not ...

  • A religious organization. We never claim or propagate the superiority of one scripture, master or faith over others
  • Political organization. We will never directly or indirectly engage in any political activities. 
  • Individual driven organization. We are not controlled or governed by  external organizations, and /or  individuals. 

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