Patanjali Yoga Sutra


About Yoga Sutra

Yoga Darshana (Yoga Sutra) is the fundamental textbook of Yoga. In this  book, Maharshi Patanjali has provided the very essence of the philosophy and teachings of yoga in a highly scientific and systematic exposition. This scripture covers everything related to mind management


Key topics covered


•What is Yoga 

•Five kinds of thought patterns 

•How to gain control over mind 

•Practice and detachment

•Efforts and commitments 

•Surrendering to GOD 

•Obstacles and solutions  

•Eight steps of Yoga 

•How to get connected to the Higher 



Timing: Sunday: 7 PM- 8 PM

Start date: 11th, Feb, 2018 

Number of sessions: 16 Sessions for chapter 1

Location:  Project Self Wellness Center, North Brunswick, NJ,08902

Fees: Free of cost (Donations are welcome)