Lesson 01: What is Vedanta

The first lesson introduces the vision of Vedanta . 

Topics covered 

  •   Overview of Vedas
  •  Vedanta – End  portion of the Veda
  •   Broader definition of Vedanta
  •   Different interpretations of Vedanta
  •   History of Vedanta

Lesson 02 Human Pursuits (Purushartha)

This lesson dicuss about the four proper goals or aims of human life. The four puruṣārthas are Dharma, Artha (Securities), Kama (Pleasure), and Moksha (Liberation) t

Lesson 03 The Fundamental Problem

This lesson will discuss the topic of the fundamental human problem. 

Topics Covered:   

•Sense of limitation 

•Attempt to remove the limitation

•Facts about the limitation 

•Sense of limitation caused by wrong thinking

•The solution 

Lesson 04 Vedanta as a Pramana

This lesson introduces Vedanta as a direct means of knowing ourselves.  

Topics Covered: 

   1. Basic Problem 

   2. Pramanas - Means of knowledge 

     3. Vedanta - the  Pramana (Means of knowledge to know oneself)  

  4. Lesson from the Life of Swami Dayananda