Emotional Intelligence- The New Science of Success


Increase your emotional intelligence skill level. Learn how to recognize and practice effective strategies at work and in life



The Emotional Intelligence training workshop teaches the critical skills for personal and professional success. Approximately 90% of all high performers in the workplace have high Emotional Intelligence (also known as EI)

Topics covered:

Learn about the anatomy of an emotion and how emotions and thoughts work together to influence behaviors

Understand the link between emotional intelligence and success in life

Discern the difference between automatic limbic decisions and intentional, conscious decisions

Discover when their automatic processes serve them well, and when these processes need to be better managed

Practice agile thinking, increasing self-awareness and intentional thinking

Leverage due diligence and intuition to make effective decisions

Develop cognitive and behavioral strategies to manage emotions intelligently.

Date & Time : 7/14/19  @ 5 PM 

Location: Project Self Wellness Center, 1596, US Highway 130, North Brunswick, NJ,08902

Fees: Free of cost

Duration: 2 Hours 

Contact: info@pself.org  / 732 910 8272